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Related article: Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 00:14:41 EDT From: Subject: Adventures of Tray and Jay 56"Adventures of Tray and Jay 56" PART 56: JAY THE BIG BROTHERI'm a college boy now, like my big bro. It's kind of cool, kind of scary, if you know what I mean. Like, I aint in Kansas no more, and I wouldn't be caught dead in ruby slippers anyhow so there's no way out. All I can do is hang on for the ride and see where it takes me. I know Preteen Lolita Models now I was full of shit when Tray became a freshman again after being top of the totem pole and I ragged on him for whining. But don't get me wrong, I'm not suffering, not really. Compared to a lot of the dudes here I've got it easy. Hell, yeah, I'm what you'd call well-adjusted next to most college guys, and I'm only just starting second year. Maybe having friends to count on all through high school and getting the crap kicked out of me on a regular basis by a pack of crazed ruggers made me the confident little bastard I am today. Oh, and my big bro, who taught me the basics -- the bare necessities! I know now how important a big brother can be. And damn, he taught my ass more than the basics.So the ad in the school paper classifieds caught my eye right off: "Tenderfoot seeking nice expd. male stud. for guide/mentor/buddy/big bro/whatever. No social skills or nerve for sports (me) so need help (you). Serious pls. call Jerrick..."Man, I already had my cell phone in one hand and the index finger of my other jabbing the keypad. Nice expd. stud? That's me! The voice I heard on the other end after five rings sounded too young and croaky for college, but it belonged to a boy for sure; a tender boy, as he admitted. When he said this is Jerrick I opened my mouth to say hey, dude, but then he interrupted and I realized it was voicemail. Probably his first time recording a message, by the halting, sweaty, stage-frightened sound of it. Oh, yeah, there are still guys like Jerrick in the world!After the beep I said, "Hey, dude, it's me, Jay, the guy you placed the ad for. You can get me at..."But that's as far as I got because someone picked up, and then the most excited, breathless, adolescent voice I ever heard stammered, "Wait, wait, I'm here, I just came in the door and heard...I mean I wasn't screening calls or...uh...I was out and then I came back in and...umm."I let the little liar twist and turn a bit more. Preteen Lolita Models By the end of the silence I could see his slick, red face and feel the heat radiating from his body."What are you doing now, Jerrick?" I asked when I knew he couldn't stand it another second. I heard him exhale, no shit!"Uh, RIGHT now, you mean?"I kind of had to wonder, I admit. I mean, was he in the middle of something when the phone rang that he didn't want to fess up to? I have a fertile imagination, among other things."Yeah," I said. "I was thinking we could meet for a root beer float or something, my treat, unless you had pressing business to tend...""N-no! I was just laying here in my dorm room for about a half-hour daydreaming when..."BUSTED!! I heard the gasp on the other end of the line."Oh, damn," he moaned, not even trying to pretend any more. "I'm so sorry, Jay, I don't usually lie but this is all new to me and I've had some really creepy calls from big, gross, hairy men and even some people I'm sure were women but sounded more masculine than feminine, you know, I mean, deeper than my own voice, damn, so I'm sorry I wasted your time, you sound really cool, too, bye.""Wait a sec," I said before he could do something stupid like hang up. "These guys or wannabes volunteered their real looks or you asked or what?" I really had to know, okay."I could tell," he said, just as I knew he was sitting there with an evil smirk on his face. Then he shivered out loud. "Oh, gross, Jay. The sounds they made, the breathing-gaspy noises, the phlegm, the things they suggested doing!""Stop!" I cringed, both from revulsion at the images he conjured and sudden, unfamiliar doubts about my own motives. More than anything else I wanted to be his older pal, sure, but my dick does lack a conscience, to put it nicely. "Hey, Jerrick, not that I have any designs on your ass, but I guess now's as good a time as any to tell you I'm gay. Hope it's not a hangup with you, 'cause you sound like a cool guy."Silence."Oh. No. I mean, yeah...damn, what I mean is, I'm open-minded about that kind of thing in other people, I just don't like cheesy sleazeballs calling me non-stop." Cheesy sleazeballs! I loved this kid already! "I'm not gay, though."Hmmm. Whatever.I pulled up to the dorm building and parked my Kawasaki 500, which I chose for transportation on this occasion because it's not designed for two, okay. As soon as I spotted this intense, slender, Native American boy in a second story window, leaning on both elbows with his head propped on his knuckles, I hoped it was Jerrick. I just stood there a minute watching him. He was all unaware of his beauty and attraction for young men of my persuasion, and then his eyes cleared from wherever his secret thoughts took him. He looked down and saw me, and his lips parted a little, and I grinned, and so did he. As I headed for the entrance, he straightened as if ready to answer his door.I didn't have to knock when I got to his room, either! He had the door open and was standing there in dark green athletic practice shorts and a tanktop and sandals. Up-close I noticed his eyes were hazel, as if an artist chose the color to go perfectly with his brown skin, and his short, black hair was cropped all around and was thick but soft. The way it stuck up in patches on top in the back made me perky as all hell."Hey," he said, grinning gently and lowering his eyes."Yeah," I said back, and wondered what I could teach this kid if that was the best I could think to say in such a hot, charged moment as that. So I offered him my hand, which he accepted and seemed intensely relieved when I didn't do the old crush-the-other-guy's- bones shit! "Nice to meet you, Jerrick.""You, too, Jay." Then he stared a while into my eyes in such a focused way that I was sure I must have some goop there or something, but I didn't flinch, of course. I can hold anyone's stare. Finally he snapped. "Oh! Come on inside while I get ready."Shit, the boy was as ready as he'd ever be. I noticed the posters right off, the kind that always make me suspicious. One of Christina Aguilera in next to nothing and glistening with sweat, and another of J-Lo with Ben (which struck me as half-right, anyway). He saw me looking at them."They're so hot, aren't they?" he asked eagerly, maybe wanting me to convince him. "Oh, I forgot. Never mind.""Actually I'd do any of them," I blurted, surprising even myself, but Jerrick was totally scandalized!" does that mean, you're not really gay like you said? It was a...joke?"If there's one look I know when I see, it is innocent disappointment."Well, more or less," I replied, knowing how confused it made him. "Sometimes, if everything's right, I bat the other way. Or both ways at once, to be more accurate.""Damn," Jerrick whispered, his thoughts turning inward again with the focus of his fiery eyes. "I've heard of that, but I never believed it was true until now.""Why do you believe me and not what you've heard other people say?" I wondered out loud.He shrugged. "I don't know."Cool.Jerrick grabbed a fanny pack and strapped it around his narrow waist so I took the opportunity to look down that way. I caught sight of a strap between the top of his soft, mesh shorts and the bottom of his tanktop, and you know what happened then. Plus the glimpse of a hairless, washboard belly! Fuck me. The package he had in there had to be something else because even wrapped up tight it made a great mound as the loose fabric of his shorts followed his real curves naturally.Coincidentally, I had my own strap on under some gray, football-type cutoffs that were a lot tighter on me, and everything down there started getting even more cramped. I felt heat beginning to radiate from me, and Jerrick looked up. He smiled!"Ready?" he asked.Oh, yeah.When we got to my bike, Jerrick looked doubtful."What's the matter, never rode on the back of a motorcycle before?" I asked him."No." He squirmed. "Where do I sit? How do I hold on?""In back. To me."I straddled my bike and kicked it to life. Jerrick just stood there, so Preteen Lolita Models I grinned and motioned him over with my head. I had two helmets and handed him one as I put mine on. He stepped easily over the rear and tried not to get too close, but I patted his bare leg."Better slide forward more or I'll lose you, buddy," I yelled, and felt it when he did. Boy, did I feel it. The warmth of a firm guy's bod behind me drives me nuts! The muscles, the heat...shit. "Don't be shy, grab hold of my hips or even wrap your arms around me if you want."I pulled away from the curb and felt Jerrick's fingers dig into my hips, but as soon as I lurched forward a little faster his arms were all the way around me, you bet! I could sense his combined fear and thrill, and it washed through me.Unfortunately, it wasn't far to the main campus hangout part of town, and when we got to the caf�/soda fountain I had in mind, neither of us seemed to want to get off the bike. But Jerrick did first, and he stood there with his legs apart, his whole body seeming to thrum from the ride. He saw me look at the bigger poke in his shorts and slid his fanny pack around to cover it up, a little.I knew a lot of people there, and they all waved at me. Some of them eyed Jerrick and gave me nasty looks, but that was cool with me. We actually ordered rootbeer floats and had a blast slurping them down as we sat at the counter and alternated between talking and looking at the people all around, mostly students like us. Every time one of us swiveled around and knocked knees, Jerrick would blush or grin and pull back. Finally I clapped him a little hard on the back and went to massaging his neck because he was getting way too tense. Neither of us spoke a word while my strong hand kneeded his neck and shoulders, and after a minute or two he couldn't help giving in and relaxing; once he realized no one else gave a damn."Mmmm, that feels good, Jay," he admitted at last, even if he whispered it."I can tell you sweat things too much, boy," I said, pinching the toughest knot out of the place right at the back of his head where the fuzzy hairline runs into his neck. He gasped softly and sagged forward a little, and at first I thought I gave him a Vulcan knock-out grip or something! No shit!"Ohhh, mannn, that's sweet, dude," Jerrick said all sleepy-time. "Do this a lot...for other guys...guys like you, I mean?" His eyes were closed, but he was all ears."Not nearly enough," is all I could think to say back. He took a deep breath and let it out. "Come on, kid, let me get you back home so you can sleep it off. I think you've had a little too much rootbeer."When he laughed and opened his eyes dreamily and looked at me that shy way, I went limp inside. We were back at the dorm in no time because I was afraid he'd just go to butter and melt off the back of my bike! Then his feet were dragging all the way up the stairs."I'll see you later, man," I said when he got the door open, and I meant it, too. But he turned fast."Hey, wait. Where you goin? I'm not that tired.""You're a growing boy, get some sleep," I tried again, not feeling at all strong for the idea."Naw, come on in, Jay!" His eyes were pleading, what could I say? So I followed him in and he crossed straight to his little double bed to turn on the light on the night stand, and I swear the electricity shot through me.I stood there awkwardly as he kicked off his sandals and nearly fell on his bubble butt."Besides, it's not fair," he continued some thought, losing me."What's that?" I said and coughed into my hand."You must think I'm selfish if I'd let you go home without paying you back for the great rub you gave me," he said. The look on his face was so innocent and serious that I knew he wasn't pulling my leg.Then he stepped behind me and had to reach up to get his soft hands on my shoulders, but he gave it a go that way until his arms started shaking. I mean I think that's why his arms shook. Anyway he suggested I lay on the bed, and then when I did and he decided my shirt was in the way he didn't ask or anything, he just pushed it up until I lifted myself a little from the bed, and then my T-shirt was on the floor."Yeah, okay," he whispered again. His hands really dug into my neck then, so forceful all of a sudden that he made me gasp, and that's not easy to do. "Sorry, man, did that hurt?""Nuh-uh," I said like I was his age or something."Good," he said, relieved, and when his fingers and thumbs traced ten wispy paths down my broad rugger backside, I cut loose a wild shivering groan and arched my whole body so my feet and head curled toward each other!"Ohmyfuckinggod!"Jerrick laughed in surprise."How can you be so sensitive, Jay, when you have such great hands yourself?"I just rolled onto my side and scooted back so he'd get the idea and lay beside me, and he did. He was nervous as hell, but he did it. Right off he saw the massive bone I'd thrown, and he gaped. His eyes blinked as Preteen Lolita Models I looked at him long and hard, and he flinched. We lay there facing each other, and I slipped one hand under his tanktop and gave him a first- hand lesson on male sensitivity. The poor kid almost came unglued, spazzing off."It's called an erogenous zone," I said, right into his ear that my lips almost touched when he leaned up to me in shock. I damn near kissed him right then and there, too. "One of many that most guys, especially youngsters like you, seem to have.""You mean there are others?" he panted, and the feel and scent of his breath on my face gave me goosebumps.My other hand, on its own, slipped behind his head again and pulled gently as the one on his back moved around front and eased him flat onto his back. He choked in apoplexy when I stroked his belly and ran my fingers through his hair at the same time, and my dick sprang free of my strap at last and splattered precum all over my buff thigh. He started to whimper so I knew he was close to squirting in his jock.I let go of him for a couple of seconds while I shifted on top and straddled his relaxed legs. I leaned forward, staring again into those hypnotic eyes of his that were opened to slits, and I pulled his tanktop up until he helped himself out of it the rest of the way.The boy was mine if I decided to take him, I knew right then, no matter what I might ask of him. Or demand. It was all right there in those green-brown eyes and astonished, grateful parting of his wet, sensuous lips. He would try anything that once in his life if never again. I was still torn, believe it or not.Until his hands both shot to my thighs and slid upward to take my throbbing cock and roiling nuts in breathless exploration of what I knew damn well was his first body other than his own!"UHH! HUUHHH!" My eyes clenched shut and my mouth flew open as the kid nearly took me off in my shorts. Thank god my own hands reacted in time and grabbed his wrists to stop him, because I didn't want to waste a drop of my spunk!I pinned his wrists by his head and leaned forward and licked his nose, which surprised him so thoroughly that his eyes went wide, so I kept licking, all over his twitching cheeks and neck and forehead until he was slick and shiny with my spit and struggling to free himself so he could do whatever was on his wild-ass mind just that second. But I wouldn't let go, and he squirmed and throbbed all over and bucked up and down...Until I slowed abruptly and placed my mouth on his deliberately, letting him see and feel it coming, and finally sucked on his quivering lips, tasting him, his boyish, sweet saliva, all of his mouth as it exploded into mine. Our tongues found each other at the same time, hard and ready to duel, and both of us were panting and giggling and carressing each other all over, okay, because I'd let go of his wrists finally and there was no stopping us!"Umm, ummm!" we both slurped. We were also getting real sweaty, and the funky smell of his pits suddenly drew my attention so I had to dive from his mouth to his left nipple which almost sent him over the edge, and then straight into his unsuspecting, hairy, dank and manly pit, where I had no choice but to snarfle him up!I licked and sucked and teased with my teeth and lips and tongue until he moaned so loud I know the whole dorm heard him!"Oh, yeah! Don't stop, Jay! Do it like that! Don't stop, please!"So I went at it even rougher, my stubble making him groan louder and writhe under my powerful body...and I realized we still had our damn shorts and straps on! I stood up and dropped mine fast, then took advantage of his glorious wide-eyed excitement to see my huge prick flapping free above my belly button and leaving big wet marks even thicker than my sweat! You know, I dig cocks of all kinds and sizes because size is nothing without other stuff, but the best thing about having a biggee like mine is seeing the looks on other dudes' faces! I know they feel just the way I do inside every time I make a boy. Anyway, I relieved Jerrick Preteen Lolita Models of the rest of his clothes and stretched carefully next to him.I took him adoringly in my hands and kissed him again, and I knew he tasted himself on me. Somehow it came as a shock, even after everything so far, when he fixated on my long, thick shaft and took it in one hand, then both, playing with it like he imagined it was his. By the way, Jerrick's cock is better than eight inches and ramrod straight, and the way it jumped up and down from his riled, smooth stomach made me crazy. I let my fingers barely rub the front, tender side of that beauty and watched his face as he struggled not to cum, but I knew the time was at hand!"Relax," I whispered, "and give it all up to me.""Huh?"I pushed him down flat again and sniffed and licked his big, loose, spunky boy balls once, fast, before moving my mouth to the engorged, dark red head of his uncut, Native American dick. He was panting hard, real hard, knowing at the last second what was going down, and then I did it. I snaked my tongue out and under Preteen Lolita Models the Preteen Lolita Models stiffened head and lifted it so my lips could pass over without arousing him too far until I was absolutely ready.Then I closed my mouth and listened to him thrash and choke and almost scream as his hands both took my shaggy head and slipped his rock further down my mouth, and that was when the cream fest started! Tablespoonful after tablespoonful of creamy, thick-as- can-be adolescent sperm pelting the inside of my mouth and the back of my throat, making me gag and choke there was so much of it!I swallowed so many times I lost count and still he throbbed off, so I impaled my throat all the way down his tool and went delirious with the aroma of his thick, massive pubic patch in my nose while his pecker started rocking again, all the way inside me...TWITCH! TWITCH! TWITCH! TWITCH! ... on and on!Teenagers are so fucking Preteen Lolita Models sensitive and juicy! Jerrick must have given me a gallon of cherry sperm before he was almost done and I pulled off, dripping big puddles and dribbles of my spit and his seed all over his nuts and abs. I had to lick it off him, of course, so he spazzed more and leaked another gob of pent-up cocksucker heaven! I didn't waste it.But before I could swallow all of his stuff, he grabbed my head and slammed his tongue in my mouth and forced as much of our sweet mixture as he could get, and the look on his face was pure ecstasy."You know what the only thing is that could be better than what you just did for me, Jay?" he asked and I admit I was a little hurt at first. I shook my head. He didn't say another word, he just showed me what he meant, and the sneak attack of his face and mouth in my manly, funky, hairy balls made me collapse and spread my knees to give him more room! He took it! He lapped up all the nut juice that was flowing through my sacs and even chowed down on the insides of my legs (one of those special erogenous zones), and the way I shook all over and spread wider seemed to encourage him greatly!Because the next thing I knew, he was sniffing with uncertain but very curious desire, and the way his fingers dug into the meaty backsides of my thighs made me wonder if he really meant what he suggested, so I offered myself up for the taking. Jerrick buried his nose up my butt and chuckled, nasty at last! I knew the boy had a dark side!"How do you know this shit?" I begged him to tell me, and his eyes glinted up from below my cock and balls."I have a computer," he said, "and I masturbate at my desk a lot."When his mouth ate me out without another word, I grabbed his head the way he did mine earlier and fed it to him faster and meaner, and it got so damn wet and nasty down there I started to think about getting fucked by the little bastard. I was all hot and bothered, I'm serious!But Jerrick worked his way patiently up and onto his side and then threw an arm over my belly and set to work sucking my dick the way he did my ass, wet and noisy and with so much pleasure and enthusiasm that I felt my load boiling right off. Somehow he made it last longer than it should have, but still it was too soon."I'M GONNA NUT!" I warned him three seconds before it happened, and I pulled hard on his head but he clamped both hands around my shaft and forced about half of it into his mouth so my wad fired straight off into his taste buds!"UHHHHHH-UHHNNNNGH-GUHHHHHH!" I ejaculated, or started to before the rapture silenced me. I heard Jerrick down there gasping for air, my cum or something squirting out of his nose I think, but he wouldn't let go for about five more minutes, when I was still going, only slower! My heart was pounding like mad in my chest, and I felt like I ran 20 miles, which I've done, so I know.Jerrick settled down next to me, his head on my shoulder and struggling for breath. He swallowed over and over to get down all of my man stuff that coated his mouth and throat and sinuses, believe me, I know how overwhelming and intoxicating it is. I could tell he was unsure of something and hoped he didn't feel guilty like most guys their first time -- or so I hear. Don't ask me, it wasn't that way for me with Tray. We're both natural born cocksuckers."What's wrong, dude?""Oh. Nothing.""Bullshit."He looked up to me then, and I met his eyes, which were twisted with worry."Well, I just hope you...I don't know...don't think I...put the ad in...."He trailed off, but I understood."As hot as you are, little buddy, and as great as you made me feel tonight, I don't really care if we never make it again," I said, and he looked at me, startled for real. "I need all the real friends I can get, I mean. I've had lots of action in my time, but only a few of the guys I've made it with have stayed friends, and that's what counts.""You mean it, Jay?""Oh, yeah. Besides, you probably don't even know for sure yet if you're gay or straight or bi.""Yeah, it's real confusing sometimes. I go hard thinking about some girls and some guys, to tell you the truth."There was a long pause then. I could hear gears grinding somewhere."Still," he said, as I was going to doze off, "there's a lot more to learn about guys...I mean myself...I can tell."Oh, shit."Like fucking," he said, more timidly. My dick was half soft again, but it sprang back to life, and was full-on hard when he moved on top of me. I thought he was going to take me for sure!Then he pulled on me, and somehow we rolled over with me on top of him, and his legs were spreading for me, and my knees were fitting naturally between his and pushing eagerly. We kissed again, long and sexy as hell and neither of us caring who heard, until I needed a taste of what I was going to screw and worked my head down there slowly.Jerrick got real antsy then, eager to find out what he did to me, I think, and when I showed him it was greater than he expected. He really let loose and screamed! I worked a finger in and out and felt his vice of a love hole get wetter and wetter but not a bit looser."Ohhhh, Jay, I can't stand it any more! Don't play with me, man, fuck me! I don't care if it hurts, I just want you to give it to me like a real man! There's gotta be something to getting fucked up the butt, right?""Oh, you have no idea, boy! But, are you sure, buddy?""YESSSS! Oh, god, I promise! Just put it in fast before I chicken...OWWWWWWtt!!!"He asked for it, okay, and it's not as if he didn't get it like I did my first time! Or Tray did his! But he's right, it's better to get the shock over before you see it coming, and I was buried so far up his guts by the time he screamed that there was no way to stop me even if he begged for mercy.Which Jerrick was too much of a stud to do.No, he took it Preteen Lolita Models like more of a man than I was at his age, alright. After a few minutes the sweat stopped flowing from his face and body, and he stopped gritting his teeth and wincing, because I kept spitting big wads down to my shaft when it pulled out for another hard thrust in, but he was so fucking tight and dry that it seemed to take forever to lube the sucker up!When it happened we both glowed inside. I saw the pleasure seize him, I mean the really total pleasure after the violent, brutal kind, and the look of knowledge and discovery on his boyish brown face filled me with at least the same degree of satisfaction. I mean it, I love sticking it to a guy who can take what I have to offer and not whine or give up before the miracle happens, okay? Shit.Jerrick dug it big time. His face glowed and his teeth showed up and down, so white I was almost blinded, and when he went to stroking his erect piece of meat I knew he was getting the picture."Yeat, kid, jerk it good while I pump your butthole full of my hard prick! But don't cum 'til I tell you, okay? I want to make you do it with me seizing up and reaming your insides and spewing, both of us together, right?""Cool!" he sighed, eyes open and adoring me."In fact, lay on your stomach a minute!"I pulled out fast and saw the shock on his face as I rolled him over the way I wanted, but it was such a blur he didn't have time to react before I was all the way back in him, and all he did was yelp a second before finding the groove again! Oh, man, did I screw that boy silly on his belly! He started chuckling all the way evil."That's it, Jerrick, dude, get into it! Take my cock all the way! You feel it?""You're kidding, right?""You ever going to forget this fuck for the rest of your life?""NO!""What did you say?""I said NO!""Yeahhh! Okay, now sit on me!"I pulled out again and crashed to my back, and then Jerrick looked at my slick, pulsing prick and then my face and understood again what I wanted! But first he shocked the hell out of me by going down on me for a minute, sucking me even wetter than before and savoring his own taste. Then he straddled me and sat down as fast as he could so I didn't need to do any shoving or prompting, and his left hand jacked his long drippy cock, and his sensitive fingers teased his foreskin and head.I sat up and felt his hand jiggle faster between our drenched chests. I wrapped my arms around his back and felt up his ass and shoulders and everything while I licked and sniffed his tasty neck and strained to get my tongue in his ear, which he finally snapped to and made it easier! He loved that especially.I lost it about then and pumped faster and faster, my tongue in his ear and my hands holding onto his waist for support as I drove my dick harder and further in and out each time, and we both knew it was Preteen Lolita Models coming time to spaz."I can't...hold it...much longer...Jay!""Don't neither...uhh...oh, shit...ready....""Ready?""Fuckin go for it, Jerrick! Cum for me! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!""YEAHHHHHHHH!"I couldn't believe the streams of sperm that exploded up between our close chests! It felt like I shot outside of him, too, except that his ass is so tight there was no doubt I was firing deep inside the kid. One or two of his squirts got me in the chin! When he saw that he licked it all off.We stayed wrapped and tangled up that way for the longest time, sweating and dripping his cum, nibbling each other's lips, necks, whatever, throbbing still at times and quivering in each other's arms. I was shaking all over like a kid, especially when he lifted off me, slowly, and slipped around into a 69!No break or nothing, just straight into more action! The dude couldn't get enough of his taste and mine directly off the rock that took his virginity for good and ever. I went for his butt, for the same reason, I guess."HUHHH!" he grunted, and I felt his throat vibrate around my cock as his ass loosened and dripped some of my seed into my waiting mouth. I admit I love the taste of my sperm. Always have, but especially from inside a young stud like Jerrick. It was like making him shoot my cum!When he was ready he shifted and reached back with one hand to grip his prick and guide it into my mouth, where he wanted it. The boy was turning into a man fast; he even turned so he was on top, jamming his penis in and out so his short hairs tickled my chin and his nuts warmed my already fevered brow!A few minutes of that, and Jerrick stopped with his full weight burying his meat down my happy-assed throat. I breathed through my nose and felt my throat shivering with delight around his pole, and he shook all over in response. But he didn't cum. I waited for him to show me what he had in mind next.When he pulled out and turned back to face me, his drenched, youthful, firm body weight relaxed on top of me, I knew what was up. His hazel eyes said it all. He spat in his hand, the kind of thick, white goober that only comes from swallowing cock and cum and eating butt, and jacked himself slowly and reverently. He knew his body, alright, he just needed someone else to share it with!Then his face went to my neck and buried itself there as his knees pushed mine apart, and I didn't fight it, no way. For some reason Jerrick took me slowly, gently, pumping and thrusting and easing the head of his dick past my rim even though Preteen Lolita Models I'm the last guy on this planet who needs to be molly-coddled!BUT I LOVED IT!To be had by a tender college freshman who just got his butt reamed in the most literal sense, and then to feel him putting everything he had into showing me not just that he wanted to be on top but that his way was sweet and gentle...well, what the fuck can I say? Nobody ever fucked me with more passion than Jerrick did that night......and it was the longest, sexiest, most patient screw anyone ever gave me.NOTE: I'M BACK, BUT SOME OF YOU MAY NOTICE THE EXTRA "G". IT'S BEGGMEALOT NOW!
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